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CYSS - Child, Youth & School Services


Tips for Navigating CYSS:
Here are some tips to help you navigate the system faster and better.
- If your child is NOT currently registered with Fort Leavenworth CYSS - call (913) 684-5138 to make an appointment or access Webtrac.
- If your child IS centrally registered - to enroll in a SKIES class go to any CYSS facility or call (913) 684-3206/3207 or access Webtrac.
- To enroll in Youth Sports Camps or join a team, go to any CYSS facility or Webtrac.
- To sign up for teen activitis, call (913) 684-5115 or go to Harrold Youth Center.

For more information about CYSS Pre-Registration, click here.

Moving to Fort Leavenworth/Need full time child care or part day preschool?
Child Development and School Age Programs have waiting lists. The wait times for care can be six to eight months or longer for some age groups. Please call 913-684-5138 to discuss care options and be placed on the waiting list. Your child may be placed on the waiting list as soon as you know you are coming to Fort Leavenworth. Unborn infants may also be place on the wait list. 

Parent Volunteer Opportunities, click here.
Earn Parent Participation Points towards a 10% discount for monthly childcare fees. Ask at Program Front Desks or Parent Central for more information on the Parent Participation Program.

Fort Leavenworth Child, Youth & School (CYS) Services is providing quality childcare, outstanding school age care, exciting child & youth enrichment programming, fun and challenging sports opportunities and exceptional instructional programming for your family this year. We invite you to volunteer in your child’s programs or to share your expertise by coaching for our extensive team and individual sports programs. All Children/Youth wishing to participate in CYSS programs must be registered through Parent Central.

CYSS - Child, Youth & School Services
Resiliency Center, 600 Thomas Avenue
Fort Leavenworth, KS-66027
Phone: (913) 684-5138
CYSS on Facebook

CYS Services Mission:
Our mission is to provide a consistent, safe, nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and creative development of children and youth while responding to the unique needs of military families.

Child, Youth & School Services are essential family programs which directly support the military lifestyle and reduce the conflict between parental responsibilities and mission requirements. We strive to meet the needs of our patrons and the installation mission through these systems:
1) Child Development Services (Child Development Centers & Family Child Care)
2) School Age Center
3) Youth Services
4) Parent Outreach Services
5) School Support Services

These services are a supplement and support to our families who are the primary agents in the care and development of their children. CYS Services offers a range of age appropriate opportunities and activities for children and youth ages 4 weeks to 18 years.

Our goal is to help each child/youth develop to his/her potential. Through our programming we foster positive individual self-concept, strengthen emotional well being, provide productive social interaction and enhance intellectual and physical growth. We strive to provide a safe environment, enriching experiences and loving care for your children and youth during their stay with us.

Important Information:
- Online hourly reservations for CDC and SAC! Patrons are able to make hourly reservations for the CDC or SAC on Webtrac 24/7. A user id and password is required. If you do not have a user id/password for Webtrac access, you may request that information by calling Parent Central Services at (913) 684-5138 or contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (913) 684-7524 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

- Child Youth and School Services Parent Central is your gateway to CYSS Programming. Children/Youth must be registered through Parent Central Services. Parent Central has an all appointment system for New Registrations and Renewals. Registration appointments are available during office hours. Fast Lane Services are available during all office hours (payments, enrollments, turn in updated paperwork, info...). Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and Thursdays to 6 p.m. Parent Central will be closed 2:30-3:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month for Garrison Training Time. Please call (913) 684-5138 with questions or to make a registration appointment. Parent Central is located in the Resiliency Center, 600 Thomas Ave., room 121. Click here for your Registration Checklist.

For your identity protection, CYSS is no longer requesting Registration forms, Medical Action Plans, or updated shot records through email or fax to any CYSS office. We encourage you to hand deliver your documents to the CYSS location or mail documents to:

CYSS Parent Central Office, 600 Thomas Ave., Room 121, Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

- For the latest weather-related information about Youth Sports and Fitness and SKIES class cancellations, call the CYSS Services hotline at (913) 684-5113. For general information on child and youth programs, call Parent Central at (913) 684-5138.

- Keep up to date on events and activities for the great kids at Fort Leavenworth - Like us on Facebook! Child, Youth & School Services: Harrold Youth Center:

- Family Child Care providers are needed to provide on post care. Child care exceeding 10 hours weekly, requires training and certification from Child, Youth and School Services. Call (913) 684-5129 for information.

Fort Leavenworth Child, Youth, & School Services recognizes the challenges our soldiers and their families face every day and provide CYS Services support services so the soldier can concentrate on their job – keeping our country safe. We know that our soldiers and those supporting our soldiers can focus on their tasks better, knowing their children are safe and supervised in quality child and youth programs.

We understand that our patrons come to us with a variety of childcare needs and we are prepared to assist them in locating services that will best meet the needs of their family. As children grow older, their developmental needs change, and we want the transitions between programs to be smooth and beneficial to everyone who utilizes our services.

CYS Services’ programs and facilities create a warm, happy, safe, and healthy place for children and youth. The programs reflect knowledge and understanding of the growth and development of children and youth. Programs are both age and individually appropriate; that is, the program is designed for the age group served and is implemented with attention to the needs of the individual child enrolled. The programs are designed to provide experiences which enhance and support the physical, emotional, social, cognitive, creative, and positive character development of each child/youth, while responding to the unique needs of our Army families.

Please click here to go to our CYSS Parent Handbook for a more detailed description of programs/services.

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